Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trained six days in a row - during a holiday visit

So I have backed off on my intensity per my coaches instructions. My body needs to learn how to utilize energy at a lower heart rate to build a stronger base of training. With this lessened intensity comes more responsibility in the diet.

I have managed to train consistently in the first week of our two week Kentucky visit. I am a little surprised. What is nice is that everyone is supporting my efforts. I have already doubled my November's total run mileage and I still have 12 days left. I am not back to the level I was at in September and October yet, but I am still pleased with how it is going.

We had a great visit with some close friends on Friday evening. Most of the people at the gathering have known one another since 1977 or so ... needless to say everybody is fairly comfortable with one another. We laughed, joked, gossiped and razzed until a new day began. We even had an opportunity to play with a 3 week old Boer Goat. He was funny!

I will take a day off tomorrow ... and then plan on hitting it hard through Friday morning.

Be good!

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