Friday, December 9, 2011

Lactate Threshold Test #3 - The bike

I had intentions of going out early this morning to get this workout done. I had two or three big work items to complete and they were of the type that timing mattered ... so I had to wait until I completed those prior to taking off. I think it helped me. It had warmed up to about 48 degrees by the time I left for the warmup ride.

During the test, I went really hard. My heart rate monitor was screaming at me. "Heart rate too high" it kept flashing and beeping. I just kept working. 30 minutes later I had ridden 11.89 miles for an average of 23.6 miles per hour. This loop I rode was "flat" in total, but there was a rise and fall at the back of the loop that caused my speed to fluctuate quite a bit. I rode between 22 and 25 fairly consistently. I felt a bit pukish after the test. I guess that means I went hard.

So now I know my zones for training at distance. This is a big shift for me. Most of my training has been at a much higher heart rate. The idea of riding or running at my L1 heart rate zones just seems boring. I, however, being a newbie, need to stick to the plan until the plan fails me.

Holidays are upon us ... time to train harder and have some family fun too.

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