Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lactate Threshold Test #2 - Run

Yes it was a bit chilly this morning. Chilly is relative ... but 30 degrees in the desert is pretty darn cool.

Back in the summer I found this middle school with a packed gravel 400m track. It is sort of tucked away - and that makes it all the more useful. I trained there one morning in June just to test its feasibility for future endeavors. This morning was the first of those endeavors.

I ran two warmup laps. All systems felt fine and I needed to generate some heat so I took off. Lap 1 - 89 seconds. Hmmmm - I wanted faster than that. I am no Michael Johnson (who has done a 42 second 400m in a relay race), but I think I can do much better than this in the future. Of course, I did know going into lap 1 that I had to do 19 more laps after that one, so I may have been my own enemy on that one. Nonetheless, the point of LT Tests is that you go all out.

The good news is that I went as hard as I could go on each of the 20 laps this morning. I ended up with a 21:36 for the 3.10 miles. My average speed was 8.6 mph. That's a 6:58 per mile pace. I am fairly content with that number considering A) There were no rabbits to chase and B) I had to drop off my run training a bit last month due to all the biking I needed to do to prepare for the Tucson and St George rides.

I am taking the afternoon off to recover from the 8 hours of training I have already put in this week. We also need to pack for traveling home for the holidays.

Next LT test ... Friday ... the bike.

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