Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday visit - with a twist

Time slipped away on the blog for the last few days. Busy. I am finally getting back into a groove with the training. It makes it interesting to have work, train and visit while not in my own house. I am not that organized at home - yet ... but training out of bags and suitcases makes things interesting. Hats off to the triathlon pros in the world that travel and train like this constantly.

So I have a new task for myself when we arrive back in Phoenix. I am going to super-organize my gear room. Not just triathlon gear, but all of our gear.

The change in climate has really messed with my sinuses. It seems my immunity is always teetering on the brink nowadays. I took an extra day off from training to recover from two days of driving and a nagging sore throat. I went out last night for a very nice and comfortable 5 mile run at an 8 minute pace. It felt good.

This morning I woke up at Oh Dark Thirty and headed out for the pool in Murray for an 1800m swim workout. I like that pool. It seems faster and the water seems to cooperate a little more.

I have scouted out a new bike route that I want to try here. I may do that this afternoon coupled with a shorter higher-paced run.

Happy Holidays. More later.

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