Friday, December 16, 2011

Back to the run

Yesterday I ran a 10 miler at a comfortable 8:25 per mile pace. This was the longest run I have finished since the SOMA 70.3. The good news is that this leisurely pace was still better than my SOMA race pace. Granted, I had not done two other sports prior to this particular run, but this was a stronger pace than most of my training runs prior to the SOMA goodness. The run is sort of rolling, but not bad. My only complaint about my home town course is that the road slope is very noticeable.

After the run and a few more hours of work ... both web design work and teaching duties, Carrie and I went to the gym to lift some weights and swim. I no longer dread swimming. I actually somewhat enjoy it. I slept like a log last night too - which is good considering I have been fighting the sinus monster again this week.

I have an interesting swim to do today - 1800 meters of drills, including 17 reps of 50 meter sprints. I look forward to it. I will probably spin a bit too if I can locate a spin bike at the temporary gym.

I have talked with two local western KY Ironman 2011 finishers this week. One was a Louisville finisher and the other was Florida. I will talk with a third tonight (also Louisville) at a gathering of friends. It is so great to hear the stories of their accomplishment. They keep echoing the same scene that is in my mental imagery ... the moment of crossing the finish line.

The holidays are an interesting time for sure. It is interesting being in town but still having to work during the day. It is what it is. Train hard and behave during the holidays. You can bet I will be doing the same.

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