Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A 10 day blog entry gap ... did something bad happen?

I am fine. I am thankful for the holidays, my family and my friends. The two week visit to the "motherland" of western Kentucky was good. I trained, visited, ate, trained, visited, stayed up way too late, trained in the cold Kentucky rain, ate some more and DROVE. I drove nearly 4000 miles in two weeks and 3200 of those miles were driven in four days. It is good to be home to the desert.

My hip flexors and gluts usally take a beating on those long driving days. This time around it was a bit easier ... except for dealing with a virus I contracted a couple of days before we left Kentucky. Sore throat, clogged ears and mucus. Lots of mucus. Gotta love the holidays!

I trained 9 of the 14 available training days during the trip. Of course I was not about to train on the days following the drive IN to Kentucky. But through the power of the human adaptation principle, I did manage to run 9 miles on the day after a 16 hour driving day and run at an 8 min/mile pace. All things considered, I am pleasantly surprised by this trip and the support my whole family showed me by allowing me enough time to train and not giving me too much grief about it. I left the desert weighing 192 and returned 14 days later weighing 192. Considering all that I ate - that is impressive.

I am planning on making my first assault on South Mountain over the weekend. I am going to do brick work on that hill so many times over the next four months that I am sure that I will begin to loathe it.

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