Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Swim, swam, swum.

So I swam Sunday. I swam yesterday. I swam this morning. I am swimming tomorrow. Lately, I have swum a whole heap.

So at SOMA I completed a 2000 meter swim. This is my longest swim to date in "race" conditions. Saturday I am competing in a Splash and Dash in Tempe. It is a 3000 meter swim followed by a 5K run. It should be fun.

I used to loathe swimming. Now, it is less of a chore. Is it my favorite of the three? No. I think it is clear that I love the bike. Swimming is something I could see doing long term ... if I can find a way around one big thing.

I think all the chlorine is causing me to get and stay congested. It has been almost a month now since I started fighting sinus issues. I've been to the doctor and taken the antibiotics. They helped, but I think the issue lingers. Anyone have any advice or experience with this issue? I am not going to have the luxury of swimming much less for the next year so I need to get this straightened out.

Oh and tonight is Killer Tuesday. Lift, spin and yoga.

By the way, it finally cooled off in the desert ... but we went straight into "winter". The mild temperature days were overwritten with 100 degree days. Oh well. It could be worse.


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