Saturday, November 12, 2011

Splashed and Dashed

That was tough!

The swim started well and finished better. I had very few issues sighting or being groped in the water. Here is the big deal to me ... my 1500 meter swim time on October 2nd was 39:55. Today my 1500 meter swim time was 32:17. I love to see progress. I am still slow, but I am working my way down to more reasonable swim times.

The water temperature was 61 degrees. It felt great to me. My wet suit tore at the seam in the shoulder. I will have to take it in to see if someone will help me fix it. I have only swam in it four times. I think, given the option, I would choose a sleeveless wetsuit over the long sleeve. My new new goggles rock! They are Aqua Spheres with the larger face mask.

After leaving the water ... my quads felt very heavy. I am not sure if I kicked too much or too little on the swim. My run pace was slower than normal, but I am still okay with the deal overall.

I was second in my age group to another Team Triple Sportster - Tony Christianson. He's fast in the water.

Carrie and I just got back from a 22 mile bike ride to finish the training for the day. It is so nice to not have to deal with 100+ degree heat.



  1. Reading your blog you continue to amaze. I know two ladies doing the Tough Mudder in January. What drives you folks?

  2. Right now the drive is progress and change. I just keep having visions of the moment of crossing the finish line. The reason I blog is so that I will remember the journey.