Sunday, November 27, 2011

I have seen St. George and it is good!

After the Thanksgiving triathlon, Carrie, Baron and I headed out on the drive to St. George, UT. The goal was to get out of town, clear our lungs and preview the Ironman St. George course.

The surrounding area is scenic. The temperatures on my ride day were awesome! I like cooler weather. 50-60 degrees is a range with which I can easily deal even on the bike at 40+ miles per hour.

I was a little tired from the drive and the race on the previous day ... but I felt better after some breakfast at the Fairway Grill in St. George. We drove up to Sand Hollow State Park and the guards let me in on the bike to see the reservoir. It is water! I snapped a few photos, reset the garmin and the bike computer. I was off to ride this allegedly "killer" bike course.

The first few miles are pleasing! I will enjoy emerging from the deeps of the water to ride downhill for about 7 miles before the road juts upward. I am trying to not become too reliant on gagedtry to run this race. At my current level of fitness, this first hill is probably a 13 mph race-paced effort. It is steep, but not super steep. This incline is followed by another great downhill.

This rolling terrain interrupted by short steep bursts describe this whole route. I have seen all of the course. The most disappointing part may be that the pavement is a bit sub par. I suppose I am spoiled by the Phoenix and Scottsdale streets.

I left St. George feeling confident that I can finish the race. If I do my job over the next few months, I can make this an enjoyable race AND have a decent finishing time. I am so happy that I chose St. George for my first Ironman.

I have some more adjustments to make to the nutrition plan this week. I have to recooperate a bit from a crazy November and move on to one more event that will conclude my 2012 triathlon season. It is a USAT sanctioned sprint race in Anthem, AZ.

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