Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day -

"In war, there are no unwounded soldiers." - Jose Narosky

"Think of veterans past and thank the veterans that are present." - Bryan Howell - 11/10/11.

You do not have to agree with war or conflict to show respect for those who serve. Tomorrow is an important day. Live it to your highest standard. Then repeat.

Introspection. Lots of introspection this week. When this first phase of the triathlon journey is mature I will sit down and write an e-book. The digital download will be mostly about the journey, the training and the science. I want to throw in some Kentucky-boy philosophy. I hope it will be somewhat thought-provoking for the readers. 'It is what it is' if the book turns out to be a comedy.

Swimming. Swam over 4000m in three sessions this week. The swim sessions have gone very well. This is in preparation for the splash and dash event in Tempe on Saturday. Nothing like a little 62 degree water to wake you up at 7:30am.

Running. Two fast treadmill 5Ks after my swim sessions this week are beginning to change my hatred of the "mouse on a wheel" torture device. I even ran the 5K uphill today. I am curious to see how it translates on Saturday - and more importantly how it will continue to trend for my future run races.

Biking. I learned how to replace cables and the derailleurs on a road bike this week. I even understand the dreaded limit screws on the bike components. The lift/spin/yoga session on Tuesday was awesome. We will probably bike both days this weekend so that I can rebuild some saddle time to prepare for the Tour de Tucson.

Remind me to tell the story about my NutrEval and the subsequent injections on Tuesday afternoon. I want to save that story for the book!

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