Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting ready to race again - for the last time in 2011

One last race - the Anthem sprint triathlon on December 3rd. It will be chilly coming out of the pool and hopping on to the bike. I am going to use that to my advantage ... I do not get cold very easily.

The training is going well this week. I have already had two weight training sessions and two yoga sessions. I had a wonderful and long swim workout on Monday and had quite a reaction to the chlorine in the gym pool. I have been itching since Monday and had a sinus flare up to boot.

I really like spin sessions. I can go hard in these sessions without worrying with traffic. I need to do my own sessions so that I can stretch out the length. I need to start doing 2 and 3 hour spin sessions followed by a short treadmill run. In fact, it is not a bad situation to be able to simulate all the sports in a non-race setting to work on strategies, nutrition and new equipment. I may also buy a bike trainer to allow me to spin at home too. Triathloning has proven to be expensive. I think I have most of the equipment I need.

There are some fresh changes / expansions coming for both the blog and my training in the next few weeks. I begin next week with some lactic threshold testing (going as hard as I can until I vomit to see what my body can handle) ... and then I begin more intense run and swim training. My next two races are not until the end of January (half marathon) and February (sprint triathlon). Here is the deal - I am motivated now that I have seen the St. George course because I now know more about HOW I need to train. Essentially, I am going to use these changes to replace my race preparation ... so that I won't miss getting ready for events.

Go! Go! Go!

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