Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Changing routine without changing anything

I have decided that I like routine. Here's a new approach I am taking to help eliminate both my body's specific adaptation to my training and what some athletes consider to be the ho-hum of Ironman base training.

I decide prior to each training session how hard I am going to go and I pick out a goal to focus on for just that sesssion. I love training. I love progress. I want to keep this enjoyment level throughout the journey. I have often heard and said "attitude determines behavior". I believe in that phrase. If your behavior drives your attitude in Ironman training I believe burnout is highly likely. In other words, if you use the outcomes of your training or racing determine your attitude; the highs and lows could cause mental fatigue.

This week I have already swam 3000+ meters, biked over 50 miles and have two awesome Yoga sessions under my belt. I am trying to finish leaning out ... which is a bit of a struggle. It's working, but it is moving pretty slow. I suppose it should because it is the last 5% of body fat I want to get rid of to get to the goal. So far, I have been able to maintain my lean body mass. The point of doing this now is that I want to get lean, let my body adjust to the new state of things and then build back or build upon my existing strength and endurance.

Get up and do something. Change does not happen from the couch.

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