Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back to a normal training schedule

Welcome to November! On Monday I did the stairmaster for 3.5 miles and 165 floors. I like the stairmaster. Always will. I also ran another 2 miles on the treadmill. I am trying to learn to like running on the treadmill. I prefer outdoor running. We then capped off the day with a swim and some weight lifting. A good Halloween workout. We ate steaks and sweet potatoes afterwards.

Yesterday I went to the gym at O-Dark:30 to have a self-driven spin session. The 1.5 hour session flew by. It was the first workout where I was able and felt comfortable wearing my iPod. I never wear the iPod on outdoor workouts. I need to be able to hear traffic. I do not want to get accustomed to having the iPod because they are not race legal.

Last night we lifted weights and did another hour of spin - this time in our regular class. So 2.5 hours of spinning and another 45 minutes of weight lifting. A good training day.

I have swim lessons tonight. I am hoping that I have almost fixed my timing issues. I just need to keep thinking "relax, stretch and drive with the hips".

I have started to plan 2012's races. I am also shooting for a 1h 30 minute half marathon time in the Desert Classic on January 28th ... so the training plan for that effort starts soon.

I have a huge brick workout on tap for Saturday. A computrainer session at Sonic fitness. I am riding the St. George course in a virtual cycling session. So for at least 6 hours I will be mashing pedals on Saturday. I intend to do a short run afterwards just to see how it feels to run after 112 miles on the bike.


  1. Is there a difference in a spin bike and a regular starionary bike. And if so, is one better than another from a distance training standpoint?

  2. In my opinion - an upright stationary bike (aka exercise bike) is the most similar to a traditional spin bike.

    Here's an article dealing with the topic: