Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2012 officially got ginormous yesterday ...

"Will I get a slot at IMAZ 2012?" "I heard there are more volunteers than there are slots."

After the rule change to allow the 2011 racers to sign up for 2012 the day before their 2011 race, I thought for certain that I would be left out in the mild desert temps searching for a November 2012 race other than IMAZ. (I was going to say "left out in the cold" there but for some of my friends it is never cold in Arizona).

So with my bright green IronTeam volunteer shirt and a folding chair, I headed to Tempe early on Monday morning. I was 90% sure I would not get a slot. I was wrong! I am in for IMAZ in November 2012.

So that means I have to be very wise and stick to my plans. I need to get a brief base period prior to building for St. George in May ... then I need to be super diligent about the recovery from that race prior to jumping back into a brief base mode and then build back to IMAZ. I need to stick with my nutrition plan. I need to listen to my joints and muscles. I need to keep my mental status in check. If I follow the plan, 2012 will be an epic year in my life.

What's the rush? What's the hurry? Why two 140.6 races in one year?

I suppose I am making up for wasted time. I suppose this is my release. I suppose that I feel like I want to do these now while my body seems willing to do pretty much what I ask it to do (except drop these last few pounds).

Adding to the many things I have learned in 2011 through this training is that I should have always chased my given desire to be physically fit through endurance exercise. It's fun for me. I have known for a long time that I could go and go and go on things while others faded. The bike race I did on Saturday is proof that I love the punishment. I grunted and groaned for about 60 of those 111 miles, but never once did I wish I was not participating. I never said to myself "Why am I doing this?"

What are YOU not doing that you know you SHOULD be doing?

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