Monday, October 17, 2011

To my wife - and to new lessons to take place


So you just called me and told me about your knee ... and I am shocked to hear that there is really nothing that can be done as far as surgery to repair the issue.

I never expected this news. I expected us to get the surgery and work through the recovery together. It is because of you and your drive that we found triathlon. It is because of you that I do everything that I do. I am truly sorry.

Just like everything else in our marriage, we will work through this together and come out on the other side stronger than before. There are so many other things that we can do that do not involve repetitive percussion on the knees. We will figure this out. It is not the end of the world ... so let's keep things in perspective. We'll get back on the bike when the time is right and we'll swim now that I am no longer so scared of the water. I am becoming fond of yoga and the benefits it provides. We can do that together too.

Thank you for supporting me in my continued quest for Ironman. I wanted us to enjoy that together eventually ... but with you as "base camp manager" I will have the best support that I can get.

Love B.


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  1. I can totally relate to both of you and your setback. I like your attitude. There is nothing a good partnership can't overcome.