Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Things leading to advancement

Rest and recovery are real aspects of this whole journey and I have recently been raving about it. I took some time away in September before my last big push into October. Thank goodness I made that decision.

The "Bartlett Oly" was tough. The further I get from that race the more proud I become. Not a boastful "look at me" pride. The right kind of pride that will drive me through to the finish of any race I start.

I escaped the olympic with a third place finish in my age group and a new understanding of my mental and nutritional challenges. I learned that I can push through calf cramps without injury if I just listen. In the past, I would have ignored the cramping and kept pushing which would have led me to a familiar encounter ... shin splints. I also learned that 48 ounces of water, a Lara Bar and a gel pack are not the right combination for my nutrition. I think I needed more water. I had some intestinal bloating during the run. I think that was the Lara Bar. I definitely needed more sodium / electolytes. I promise it wasn't lack of training or effort. My calves just stopped firing on the steep uphills. If it were more tame ups or downs on the course (there were no flat parts) I was moving at my normal 7 minute mile pace.

I went out last night and did 32 miles on the bike - including hill repeats on a notoriously steep hill called Hummingbird. Guess what. I have suspected for some time that this hill is not enough for training for hilly courses. I was right. I did a repeat and rode that hill faster than I have ever ridden it. It was still a challenge ... just not sustained enough to solid training.

Killer Tuesday is today! Spin, yoga, swim, lift!

Let' do this.

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