Friday, October 28, 2011

Sidebar Thought - Information: How do you choose to use it?

In a time where we are under attack with information of all kinds it is important to keep some things in perspective. Information comes in many different costumes. Some information is demoralizing. Other information is misleading, both intentionally and accidentally. Thankfully information can still exist as fun, distracting, entertaining and inspiring.

I have been thinking about respect and trust as it relates to our new over-informed** public. To me, it makes sense to have a healthy level of cynisism, especially related to new people or new information. Okay Bryonman?, where are we going here?

I have a problem with coworkers or friends who inherently distrust most everything and more especially the people that intend to help them through life. Part of having a friendship or relationship is an understood level of trust. This is a two way street. You have to trust your coworkers and friends and they have to trust that you are not giving them misinformation. Furthermore, you have to have a mutual trust in that the answer "I don't know." is an acceptable answer.

The bottom line is this: Our world is a giant steaming heap of mess right now when observing from the biggest picture humanly possible. Why on earth would you carry the trend downward into your personal relationships? If we all managed to get a little more positive about things I bet some positive change would be affected. Life is not always daisies, puppies and buy one get one free coupons. Negative things are going to happen. Why not try and be a little more positive in between those events? I bet it would make the negative moments a little easier to bear.

(Note: Over-informed does not mean that we make the best decisions based on the information we are given ... nor does it mean that the information we have is reliable. See paragraph one.)

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