Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ramping up the mileage and intensity prior to taper

I have had a good couple of days.

Killer Tuesday. I love Tuesdays. Seriously. I swam, did the stairmaster and lifted at lunch on Tuesday. I mostly did swim drills in the pool. I guess I am damned to do drills forever due to my poor coordination for swimming. I liken it to my non existent dancing skills. When my timing is on in the swim I feel like I generate a fair amount of power without much effort, so that is great.

Tuesday evening we did a hill session in spin class with Ms. Penny. She is a good cycling instructor. We are lucky to have stumbled into her class in February. Immediately after spin we did an hour of Yoga. Surprisingly, I pulled off most of the poses in that session.

Wednesday was probably the highest intensity training day I have had in a while.

At ODark30 - I did speed work on the bike. 10 miles in 25 minutes ... and that included being stopped by traffic lights. I was mooooooving. My hips were a bit tight as I hopped off the bike, grabbed Baron and went for a 3.5 mile run. No calf cramps!

At lunch, I helped Carrie get to and from the imaging facility. She had another MRI on her knee. A fancier MRI than before including draining and dyes. We are getting aggressive in trying to figure out what is causing the swelling ... and it is NOT the running because she has NOT been running. She is also getting a full blood panel done to check all her levels to see if maybe her blood is acidic. We will figure it out.

In the afternoon I had swim lessons. We worked on drills and my timing and breathing. Every session in the pool lately has shown marked progress. The sessions are not as mentally painful as they once were. I think I have some sort of deep-seeded fear of water that is just taking me a long time to get past so that I can relax in the water. I am getting there. Like I said - I am pleased with my swim time from the Olympic considering that in May I could not swim 100m without almost passing out/drowning.

After swimming, I went for my long run. 13.5 miles in a little under 2:00. I simulated race day conditions by only having liquid calories prior to and during the run. It went well. I was a little tired around mile 8 and again at the end. I could tell I was a little calorie low. Either way, I ran 17 miles yesterday. Oh, and I swam and biked too. Yes, I am having fun. Yes, I feel great today.

I am taking today off from training because the doctor took quite a bit of blood from me this morning. It was only for a blood panel to see where my levels are right now. I want something to compare to as the training gets crazier in November. My blood pressure was 110 / 79 - my resting pulse was 54. Oxygen level - 99%. Reflexes strong, breathing clear etc. etc. My new doctor is cool and she supports my training. She works with other endurance athletes and understands that some people are just nuts.

I have some major brick-laden mileage charted for the next three days ... and then it is time to start the taper.

I will update again on Sunday or Monday. I am trying to make these posts less frequent and more informative.

Get up and move!

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