Sunday, October 23, 2011

I am a Half Ironman


Overall time: 5:22

Swim: 50 min (2:22 100m pace)
Bike: 2:34 min (21.9 mph pace - bike computer says 22)
Run: 1:54 min (8:42 mile/min pace)


Unofficial and personal race report.

First - thanks to Carrie. You helped me so much yesterday. I could not have done nearly as well without you being there. Your positive attitude about the event helped me relax and just do what I needed to do. Love!

I was nervous and flat before the race. My stomach was doing flips. I loved it. Seriously.

Everything moved so quickly. The pros went in to the water at 6:30. Then another group. Then the 115 members of the 35-39 age group. Wow. A crazy melee of heels, hands and both incidental and purpose-driven groping. Wait! A swim to get to the start of the swim? I was thinking ... oh boy, what have I gotten myself into. There were moments of grooving. Moments of stupidity. Moments of bad sighting. I was kicked and groped during the whole 2100 meters. I would catch a draft occasionally and that was great. I would say I swam about 700 of the 2100 meters at a decent clip. The rest of it was sloppy. Swimming is a challenge ... that's one of the reasons I will get better. It will not beat me. In the end, I will become a decent swimmer. 2100meters - 50:39. After a 1:52 transition it is time for the bike.

I could drone on and on here about the bike. I love the bike. I love the speed. I love passing people. I love making up for my bad swimming on my bike. I was passed only three times on the bike. Total. For 2 hours and 34 minutes I passed bike after bike at quite a clip. I was not the fastest on the bike, but I was 91st overall out of about 1000 participants. I followed all the rules, I ate and drank like it was my job ... and I pulled back the reins a bit to save some for the run. Average speed - 21.8 mph. My bike computer says 22mph. Not a bad average considering all the turns, traffic and headwind. Oh, and it was 56 miles ... not 15 like some of the sprint races. The course was mostly flat with a little uphill near the back of the course. I am pleased. After a 1:12 transition ... time to run a half marathon.

Mile one was rough. Not awful. No walking. Just a slow jog to get my legs under me. By mile two I was smiling and running fairly relaxed. I saw coach Seth at about mile three and he reminded me to stay relaxed. Mile 3 through 6 were very relaxing and flew by. I think I ran about a 7:30 pace during those miles. Miles 7 and 8 - I pulled it back some with the plan to take off at mile nine or 10. The plan worked perfectly ... I was fast again in miles 10 and 11. At mile 12 there was a small hill and as I started to ascend my left calf said ... "Hey, what are you doing?" Then my right calf chimed in ... so I backed off and finished the race at a much slower pace. I had no salt tabs - because they must have popped out of my jersey pocket during the earlier part of the run. Either way - I had a sub-two hour half marathon. This was my first ever race-based half marathon. What better way to do my first half as part of my first Half Ironman? 70.3!

I had a blast. Carrie, Sher, Ted, Tony, Debbie, Bruce and tons of my Team Triple Sports teammates were there cheering. The course was beautifully laid out so that the spectathletes could see their favorite athlete NUMEROUS times during the event.

To my friends and teammates who raced: You all motivated me. My new friend Barry Tait played a huge role in my finish on the run. I met Jason Underwood near the end of the race - another teammate. Colin, Owen, Jason, Ashley kept me looking over my shoulder during the bike portion. My buddy Scott and I saw each other a few times on the bike. He looked strong and finished under 6 hours, which was his goal. Lastly, my friend Sally Borg took 4th in her age group with a very impressive 6:39. Way to go Sally!

I feel relatively relaxed this morning. I can resume my normal eating now to try and resume taking off the rest of my weight. I have eaten so many carbohydrates over the past week that I am feeling bloated. Don't get me wrong, I know they are essential ... I just think that I do not need as much of them as other endurance athletes ... except on race day.

A few days of recovery. I will update again soon.



  1. Bryonman,I don't plan on swimming or biking but as a Marathon wannabe I would kill for that 8:42 mile/min pace. Rock on!

  2. Thanks Mr. Cox. Train smart. You can do it. Anyone can do it.