Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Freeloaders & the Seville Country Club Sprint Tri -

It was an award-laden weekend. The little kid in me will NEVER get tired of getting trophies!

The Los Freeloaders 3rd Annual Awards Banquet took place Saturday evening at casa de Borg in Scottsdale. It is a fun team of cyclists. Check out their web site.

Carrie was awarded the Winston Churchill award - for never giving up. Her fight through the knee pain was recognized and she and I both appreciated that award. Her trophy was a re-purposed golf trophy with the date "1991" on it. So funny!

I was awarded the Lean Mean Machine award for my robotic approach to my triathlon training. My trophy is a lady softball player. Hilarious. The Freeloaders rock! Ted and Sally - good work!

At 3:08am this morning I woke and could not wait to hit the road to drive to Gilbert, AZ. I had an egg white omelette with spinach and tomatoes, two strips of turkey bacon and some coffee. I was the first bike in transition - even though I had to drive an hour to get there. Yeah, I think I was ready to race.

Carrie did not race today. We are taking extra caution with her knee. I missed her being there today.

I am slow in the water. I admit it. I am improving. I was 33rd overall in the swim with a 7:09 for the 300m swim. I was much faster today in the Seville pool than I was in May ... four full minutes faster for the same distance. I was off to the bike. My transition was clean and fast. At the bike mount, I had a little trouble getting into the pedals. I slipped off the left pedal and by butt knocked my seat loose from the seat post. The nose of my seat was pointing at the ground. I did not have time to fix it ... so I just went with it. I rode the entire 15.4 mile bike with the seat hanging from the post. I tried to sit a few times during the ride, but it was awkward to sit on the back of the seat. I was 4th overall in the bike with a 39:19 for the 15.4 miles. 23.6 mph average. That bike course is very fast. Time for the run ... and time to see if I fixed the calf issues I had at the Bartlett Lake race. The run was a little warm because I started near the very back of the race due to my high bib number (293 of 312). I was strong on the run. It felt almost as good as the really strong run I had back in July at Solana Beach. I was 6th overall in the run with a 20:14 for the 2.8 mile run. That is a 7:13 pace. My run is coming back!

So, despite my slow swim, I was FOURTH OVERALL today! Here are the timing results as proof! My first time to be in the top five!

Thanks to Dan Cadriel for humoring me with all my questions prior to the race. Dan is the man.

Good times! No injuries. Busy week ahead. Stay tuned!

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