Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fast finish to a tremendous October

To recap the "Bryonman? Octoberfast" :

1) October 2nd - Did my first ever Olympic distance tri at Bartlett Lake
2) October 16th - Earned my first ever top five finish at the Seville Sprint
3) October 23rd - Did my first ever Half Iron distance tri at Soma (Tempe)
4) October 30th - Race report follows

The City of Mesa Halloween Sprint Triathlon. A fun race full of costumes, family, friends and some fast mamma jammas!

Carrie raced today! Boy, have we learned a ton about triathloning this year. This was the first race that we were both able to just sit around and relax prior to the start. I think it helped her a whole heep.

She did the mini distance due to her bum knee. 200m swim, 8 mile bike, 1/2 mile run. She earned second overall, a nice acryllic plaque and a $25.00 gift card. Her bike was fast and she was able to run the entire half mile. Her swim was great. She lets the water do the work for her. I envy that. Great job Bear.

Prior to the race, I told Carrie I wanted to be done with the maxi distance in 55 minutes. 400m swim, 12 mile bike, 2 mile run. I finished in 55:58. This was good enough for 7th overall and 1st in my age group. I wanted a top five finish again this weekend, but the swim was a bit longer and the run a bit shorter, which put me at a bit of a disadvantage to the swimmers in the group. That said, some fast boys showed up today and they went out 100%.

In May 2011 my 400 meter swim time was 14:27. My 400 meter swim time today was 8:06. Today was the first day in the pool that slower swimmers caused me to miss some seconds. I was 31st out of 56. That is a nice feeling. I am still slow, but with that much improvement in 6 months I feel like I am on my way to becoming a decent swimmer.

I was the third fastest on the bike. I felt okay, but I have had better bike sessions. I felt slow coming into T2 and couldn't figure out why. After the race I picked up my bike and my rear tire was flat. I guess my flat started prior to the end of the ride thus causing me to slow. Oh well - 3rd overall in the bike is nothing to complain about. It took me 33:34 to ride the 12 miles.

I spent the rest of my energy on the run. I don't think I was FULLY recovered from the Half Ironman because my calves were still a little hestiant to go when I asked them to take off. I still had a decent time - 14:19 for the 2 miles. I wanted 13:30 for the distance, but I will take it. It was the 7th fastest run time out there today.


This was an October for the recordbooks. I made sure to step back and just enjoy things too. I am still in shock about how much FUN the 70.3 was to finish. I am happy to finish all the training and racing in October without any injuries. I did roughly 55 hours of training or racing in October. This even included three weeks of "taper-like" activity. This is down from 64 hours in September, but there were only two "slow" weeks in September.

Here's to November. The first build phase for St. George begins soon and November is a great springboard into that activity.

Until next time. BH

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