Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The creaking and popping is mostly silenced!

I took yesterday off! My first "full" day off in quite a while. I was jonesing to workout. That's a good sign, right? That means I am enjoying myself. That and it does highlight that I am a create of habit.

I am obsessed with time and efficiency on everything. Some people (Carrie) find it annoying. It's gotten to the point where I prefer liquid meals because they are faster and include fewer dishes to wash.

I have a couple of friends that are doing the SOMA Half Ironman that are nursing injuries. I am publicly wishing them the best of luck ... and I am being super cautious. I do not want to go into the race with soreness or injuries. I made it to the taper weeks without injury. I hope I can cruise up to the 23rd without any drama!

This has been hard for me to keep in mind ... we have a sprint race this weekend in Gilbert, AZ. I like the course. We did it back in May. The run is a bit longer this time - so any comparisons in my times will not be apples to apples. I never want to overlook a race and I always want to go 100% ... but I do have to be cautious. I refuse to mess up my "A" race for 2011.

Carrie will likely not race this weekend due to the knee swelling and pain. The MRIs found some sources for the swelling. We are consulting with the surgeons. We believe these issues were completely overlooked in her first knee surgery in 2009.

I did 10 miles on the bike this morning ... in interval mode. 1:30 at race pace, followed by 2 minutes at easy pace. It felt good. The creaking and popping is all but gone. I lubed my quick releases, my stem, my seat post and seat rails. One of those must have been the problem. At least it wasn't my bottom bracket or cranks. My battery died on my headlight so I had to take extra caution. Sunrise is so late nowadays. I am done working out and showered well before daylight on my short workout days.

It's Killer Tuesday! I am headed to the gym at lunch for swim drills and some weight lifting. Then more weight lifting tonight followed by 24Cycle and an hour of Yoga. I will be ready for food and sleep by 8pm.

Be safe!

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