Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ann Teh Sah Pay Shun

That title got your attention, right? I apologize. I am loopy from sinus medication. That I and I am ready to race on Sunday.

My first Half Ironman. 70.3 miles. I was sitting here thinking earlier. I know, big shocker there. I have never worked this hard for "half" of any whole. Although it is not a bad concept. Think about this. If I would have had to have done say 20 pushups in order to get a half a piece of birthday cake ... or half a glass of Kool Aid I probably would have been a little better off. I digress.

Sinus infections suck. It is not painful enough to just lie around and rest ... but just annoying enough to have a constant reminder that it is there. Oh, and don't get me started on the side effects of the "expectorant" and antibiotics.

So this is my second consecutive taper week. I do not like tapering. I know most people look forward to it. I did manage to closely monitor my food intake this week. I have lost about 8 pounds on the scale since Sunday while keeping my calories and nutrients at a good level. I will go into the race a little under 190 lbs. I wanted to be under 180 ... but that was tough to attain when considering that I cut back on my fat burning work for three out of four weeks this month (I tapered a little bit for the Olympic at the beginning of the month).

I have had some meaningful sessions this week - despite the lessened effort. I had a fantastic "Killer Tuesday" with an abdominal session, Yoga, swimming and spin. Yesterday I swam twice, reinforcing the good pieces of my form while minimizing the continued timing issues. I also lifted weights and did 45 minutes of Yoga. I took Monday to recover from the race on Sunday ... and just decided that I am taking today off. I will do a mini-brick tomorrow at race pace or above. I will do a very minor workout on Saturday before dropping my bike off in transition leading up to the race.

I am thoroughly enjoying the Ironman journey. I have so many things planned in November that I have to start preparing for those events too. We have a sprint race on October 30th. I have a St. George bike course simulation scheduled on November 5th. I have a 3000 meter swim and 3.1 mile Splash and Dash on November 12th. We have the 111 mile Tour de Tucson on November 19th. We have another sprint race on Thanksgiving day and then a HUGE ride planned for the long weekend after Thanksgiving.

Stay tuned. It's going to get WILD after the Half Ironman.


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  1. Bryan, you're my hero! You have inspired me to do better, to try to get some speed on Sunday. I hate to say this in print, but I honestly want to push on Sunday and be first in my age group. There. I said it. Don't tell anyone! I'm afraid that something will fail me and I won't be able to do it. But better to have tried and failed than to not try at all. Be sure to remind me of that if I finish last in my age group!