Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wow - what a great 24 hour span of training

Yesterday morning I headed to the gym at 4:05am. The pool was crowded. I was both proud and shocked that people were out in force on an early Tuesday.

Swimming is still my least favorite, but it is no longer a chore like it was back in May when we first started the triathlon journey. It is actually very enjoyable when I am near the end of the workout and I KNOW that I can go further than the set distance.

The bike workout was in the form of Spin. In Spin, I tend to go extremely hard and last night was very difficult. We did lots of hill work. I estimate about 25-30 miles in that workout.

Immediately after Spin, I headed out for my run. I could have just done 6.25 miles and accomplished my goal of simulating the Olympic distance. I could have settled on 10 because it fit my schedule. Instead, I went for the 13.5 mile distance. Why 13.5? My turnaround point is at 6.75. I am a simpleton. I like order among chaos. The run felt great. The pace was very manageable. It was not race pace, but I was consistent and I felt like I had a negative split (the last half of the run was faster than the first half).

Then I watched the movie Hot Tub Time Machine. It makes me giggle. We finally went to bed about 11:30pm.

4:00am was early this morning. I had a little trouble rolling out of the rack ... but once I was up I was ready to go. So we headed out to Dan Cadriel's Spin class over in the west valley. What a great workout. I averaged about 90 rpms and 170 watts this morning. Once again, this was a hill-laden Spin session.

I will probably rest tonight. I reserve the right to hit the pool for some swim drills though. We have to go to the grocery. I am eating everything in sight.


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