Saturday, September 10, 2011

The weekend is here!

After the brick on Wednesday I took a little time to recover and try and kill this sinus / cold thing once and for all. The training resumed on Friday night. Date night now consists of a visit to the gym. We lifted weights and then swam. It was not the best workout of the week, but it was beneficial.

I have tweaked my left shoulder and it is annoying. I don't think it is training-limiting ... but I think I need to be careful. It maybe neck or upper back related. I am going to the chiropractor on Monday to see what he may can adjust.

Baron and I went for a 6 mile job this morning. My calves have almost returned to normal. I ALMOST over did it with them this week. We are going to swing by Bartlett Lake for a quick swim prior to leaving town.

We are headed up to Prescott this afternoon. We get to race again tomorrow! It might be a bit chilly at race time. I am looking forward to the cooler temperatures because I perform better when it is cooler ... not cold but cooler.

Until next time.

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