Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday's are good.

Last night our spin instructor kept saying -- "Gonna do some damage control from the holiday weekend!" I was thinking "Girl, you don't even know!" In her defense, I guess most folks do let things slide for holidays. I do too. Nevertheless, Carrie and I trained like it was our job over the holiday weekend. I like it that way. It's the triathlon lifestyle. Tri it. You will likely get addicted.

So I rode a fast 30 miler yesterday morning ... beginning at OhDarkThirty. At lunch I went to the gym and blasted the legs with squats, hamstring curls and calf raises. For good measure I threw in some abdominal work. Last night, we lifted with the upper body and did the spin class. The amount of sweat generated in a spin session is often ridiculous and last night was no exception.

Enter Wednesday. Tired this morning. I had designs on doing my half marathon distance run this morning but could not shake the cob webs from my brain. It really was a lack of focus rather than just fatigue, right?

I have my 12th or 100th swim lesson tonight. I can't keep up. I am improving. It is just so slow. I'll have to come home afterwards and do the run that I intended to do this morning. Oh well, it will be a good brick workout, right?

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