Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank goodness for my training schedule

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my wife for signing us up for that first triathlon back in April. A whole new world is open now and that is because of you.


I despise big city traffic. I guess I am still a small town guy at heart. If you are not on your way to work or have somewhere to be ... stay home until 9am or so to allow the working populous to get to work without having to dodge you. Oh, and while I am at it - if you are not hauling butt - stay out of the left lane.


I took yesterday morning off from training. Why? Because I wanted to and needed to recover. We had a good spinning session last night after we lifted some weights.

This morning we went to Mr. Cadriel's spin session. I like having two different spin instructors. It keeps my legs guessing. That was one heck of a hill workout.

At lunch today I ran 3 miles to the gym, swam 500m and then ran back to the office. I have dubbed this the UTI Splash and Dash. I have asked my coworkers to join me but have no takers yet.

Tonight I have swim lessons. My form is getting better. It is still not perfect and it still takes a tremendous amount of mental focus to get through a session ... but it's better.

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