Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pushing out the distances

Monday's long swim set the tone for the week ... just like I had hoped. I am still stoked about that workout, but last night's was pretty darn solid too.

I mentioned that I lethargically joined the human race yesterday. The good news is that I can work from home one day per week. It used to be two, but at least it is not zero. I took advantage of being at home. I used the recliner all day. I kept my legs elevated while I worked. It must have been beneficial.

I think there was a "mid-level" breakthrough last night at swim lessons. A drill that we have neglected a bit is called "swing/switch" in my coaches' terminology. It is under switch mixed with finger-tip drag. For some reason when I do this drill the timing issues on my breathing stroke are greatly reduced. The coach estimates that when my timing is off I am missing about 30% of the power in my swim. Yeah. I have to get that fixed.

Feeling good after a successful hour in the pool I headed home to do my long run for the week (we are racing this weekend, so I had to move my long run around a bit). So I did a full 13.1 in about 1hr 48min. The pace was manageable and I even stopped twice and refilled my water bottle. I purposely held back a bit just to make sure I didn't agitate my knee that was bothering me earlier in the season. This was my second longest run of the year. I did a 16+ mile day at the PF Changs in Tempe. I was a "race bandit" I just ran along side my friend Sally as her support.

My calves were still a bit angry this morning ... but I expected that. They'll get over it. I am still waiting from them to turn from veal to mature beef.

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