Thursday, September 29, 2011

A new approach and it is working well ...

Moderation. Yes, I said it. Moderation is the key. I was BOMBING my workouts up until mid September and my preparedness for races was decreasing with each effort. Backing off a bit and reassessing the nutrition has worked like a charm. My speed is back "on the on ramp" and my knees and shoulders are no longer bothering me as much as they were. I had three fantastic brick workouts this week.

Why am I training for Ironman? What is my motivation? What do I get from it?

I began training for Ironman to realize a dream. I am starting to realize that the process is the dream and that May 5th, 2012 is just the day that I get to experience the full joy of realizing and managing that process to a milestone. This effort is much larger than swim, bike, run. It is much larger than most efforts I have pursued. It is much larger than a participation medal or a tattoo. By the way, I think I have my tattoo design and location figured out.

What is my motivation? Simply put, change is my motivation. I am not changing who I am as a person. I am changing the way that I interact with the world. From all of this I hope that my life choices will be more controlled. I want the sense of calm I feel on a long run to bleed over into my real life. My motivation is that I am changing my motivations, if that makes sense.

What do I get from it? This is so deep that I do not even fully understand it yet. On the surface, I get competition. I thrive on that. A little deeper, I love the science involved in the process. Further, I get a real charge out of progress ... no matter how slight. At the deepest or perhaps the most simple level, I get a chance to see if I can survive and thrive in extreme conditions.

I am not going to update the blog until after the Olympic race on Sunday. October kicks in and I get to participate in four races in one month! I am stoked!


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