Sunday, September 4, 2011

Missed self imposed goals - still had a good race

Alright - so I wasn't completely healthy for this race. I was still hacking up stuff late into the evening ... after the race. Not fun! It is not an excuse but rather a lesson. Listen to the body.

The run was good. I think I conserved too much. I found a dude running at a reasonable pace with some of those toe shoes. I decided to study his running mechanics for a while and forgot I was in a race. I was at mile two before I resumed running hard. Dummy! I think I ran about a 20:00 5K. The timing chip system messed up so we'll never know.

The bike was good too. I went harder there than I did on the run. The course was easy as far as terrain but there were several 90 degree turns. Getting into a good rythym was not as easy as usual. This was my first race with my aero bars and I used them quite a bit. They make a difference. My throat got really dry and sore on the bike because 48 ounces of water was apparently not enough.

Swimming last was a challenge. I learned that I definitely would rather get the swim out of the way early. I was tired enough that it affected my swim form ... what little I have anyway. I do think it was my fastest 400m swim yet but it was still slow. How do I know? I got in the pool fairly early and got passed by at least 10 dudes in the water. I did pass two guys. That is rare for me. I rested at pretty much every wall and had to adjust my goggles once because they got scraped off my face by a phantom foot from the lane beside me.

1:10:33. This was our first FULL LENGTH legit sprint triathlon. I was 29th out of 114 dudes. My percentile of finish keeps improving. In my age group I was 5th out of 21. Not bad. I wanted better. I really wanted to be down around 1:05. The reality is that I raced hard, had more left in the tank and left the race without injury or regret. I cannot complain.

We are going to Bartlett Lake tomorrow for some endurance swimming work and some biking. The olympic distance triathlon is less than a month away. I will not accept "DNF" as my time in that race. I am wearing the wetsuit to get the practice in it.

I am going to start experimenting with some different nutrition because my mileages and intensity are increasing and I need my fuel to keep up with my output.

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