Friday, September 2, 2011

Increased intensity this week - and one dumb move

Still hacking and sneezing a little but it is much better. I am taking a day off today so I should be ready to rock for the race in the morning.

So I purposely dialed back the distances and times this week ... and drastically increased the intensity. I lifted heavier weight (benched 225 for 8 reps yesterday :-) ) ... I ran at a much faster pace (6:30mile) ... I biked with a much higher cadence (100-110) ... and I swam more continuously than I had been previously. Guess what? I feel much more rested AND much stronger today than I have in a long while. Changing things up is necessary. I have to keep my body guessing to avoid getting into dangerous training ruts.

I am going to go out hard tomorrow on the run if I am feeling good. I want to see if I can hang with the lead pack. If I can't I will back off and just run at my pace. Historically I have been really fast on race day in regards to the 5K. I might as well go for it. I am shooting for a 18:30 - 19:00 5K. It remains to be seen what that will mean by the time I hit the pool ... but during simulations this week the intensity did not adversely affect my swim.

Here's my dumb move for this week. I am making this public in the hopes that I will avoid this faux pas in the future. I removed my tri-suit after my swim at the gym last night ... and left it in the locker room. It is nowhere to be found today. What a stupid move! I had worn it maybe 10 times total. So if you see an eBay posting for a tri suit that is NOT in the original packing that is being shipped from Phoenix ... it's mine.

We are going to Flagstaff this weekend to escape the heat. We are taking Baron the dog with us too. The heat - It really wears on you after a while. It turns out that this August was the hottest August on record for Phoenix. So all that whining I did was for a reason.

Have a safe and great Labor Day weekend!

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