Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Few Days North and East

Greetings from Boston Logan Intl. Airport. Free wi-fi still amazes me. I'll get over it some day ... but let me continue to be amazed for now.

So this week has been more about re-centering mentally and slowing the training pace down a bit from the efforts last week. The plan worked perfectly. The wheels did not fall off. No blown diet. No ill-timed incidents. Two surprise workouts ... and lots of walking.

Vermont. Good job! We did the Ben and Jerry's tour. We went to visit Green Mountain Coffee. Lake Champlain is very nice.

New Hampshire. Good work! We stopped off in Concord and Bath. We visited some covered bridges and met some great people.

Montreal. Wow. You shocked us. My French is awful ... and it turns out most of you speak that language. Oh well. It was our first time outside of the continental US and it was educational. I even managed to figure out how to recalibrate the speedometer on the car to Kmh so that I could see how much I was breaking the local speed limit. You all should really consider cutting back on smoking. Do you not know about the harmful effects? Is it just that cool to "smoke a fag" or what?

Boston. There is so much history and educational opportunity in this city that it is a little overwhelming. We went on a bike tour (of course) with a tour guide whose full-time job is a professor of animation at MIT. Yes, that was an educational and fun bike ride. We visited the maparium. Look it up. We also went to Fenway to see the "Sawks" play a game. It is the best park in which I have been. No question. Keep that.

A few break through lessons in the water over the past two weeks have my confidence in the water increasing and I cannot wait to do the Olympic and the Half.

If the plane ever gets here ... we'll be back in Phoenix for 24 hrs and then I am off to guide a noob to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Are my calves ready? Tune in next week to see.

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