Monday, September 12, 2011

Controlled Extremes

I generally like to wait at least two workouts before posting to my self-centered ramblings.

Today is no exception. Yesterday was a first - I think. We did the sprint race in Prescott, ate lunch, drove back to Phoenix, unloaded the car and then headed up to the gym to lift weights and swim.

Then, this morning, I did a fast 20 miles on the bike followed immediately by a 5 mile run. I actually felt pretty darn good. I have a little soreness in my left knee from all the climbing on the bike yesterday, but it is not bad.

I intend to go to the gym at lunch. Today's menu just includes some weight training.

Speaking of menus ... I left my food at home that I had intended to bring to the office. Sometimes what little brain I have completely goes away.

I am going to get super strict with my nutrition over the next four weeks. I need to be 180 lbs or less prior to the half Ironman on October 23rd. I am currently 192 lbs. That's 12 pounds in four weeks, you say. I know. Do not remind me. I'll make it happen. Don't you worry about it.

Rant #1: If I am on my bike at 5:23 in the morning riding at about 20mph and following all the rules of vehicular traffic with a head and tail light ... and you are walking in the street wearing all black with NO headlamp ... feel free to simply yield to me rather than scream "hey hey hey" while you walk down the middle of the street. You are lucky I saw you at the last second. You are also lucky that I didn't swing around and explain the rules to you rather than simply saying "excuse me" really sheepishly. I go out of my way to follow the rules of the road when I am on my bike because I want to live.

Rant #2: Please fit your bike to your height and ride it properly if you do not want me to pass you. And when I do pass you and your "wonkiness" keep your snide comments to yourself. So let me get this straight "Ms Thang" it makes you mad that I pass you but yet your elbows stick out about 14 inches from each side of your body ... and your knees flare out even further ... but yet it's my fault that I pass you and you feel it necessary to call me a "jerk" when I go by. All I said was that I was passing "on your left."

Rant #3: Good morning to you too Phoenix. So it cooled off a little bit and the fair weather exercisers came out in droves this morning. I think the previous rants have something to do with this rant. I've been training 5 or 6 days a week since January - no matter the weather. I should be faster than you. I should sneak up on you and startle you. I am fairly quiet and I mind my own business.

Please do not mistake this blog entry as arrogance. I really do want people to get out and train. I know I am not the only person out here working hard to get into and stay in shape. However, if you are going to play the game ... feel free to know the rules and do some homework before you jump in head first. There are some of us out here that are truly trying to accomplish something bigger than walking around the block before work.



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