Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to the routine - learning daily - the Grand Canyon

The last week or so was fun, busy, crazy, educational, tiring, invigorating and well-timed in relation to my training.

So my reduced schedule from last week is still bearing new fruit. The rest was NECESSARY. I am seeing much faster times than ever in both my bike and run workouts. I feel consistent and strong with no nagging aches. Recovery is just as important as training. No question.

I learn something about training and life on a daily basis. Today I learned that if I focus on relaxing my leg that is on the return path - that leg gets a good break from strain. I think I have always fought against gravity in my run by being too tense. This weekend I learned that my minimalist hiking shoes beat my toes to death and they are not worth the savings in weight. (No they are not toe shoes.)

What am I doing hiking ... errr backpacking in the Grand Canyon a week before my first Olympic triathlon? Because the Grand Canyon rules and that is when the park service gave me the back country permit. This was my third trip to the bottom in 2011! A new personal record. My friend Neil and I walked approximately 22 miles on Saturday with our packs. We camped remotely out near Cremation ... then walked out the 6 miles yesterday. Yes, my quads are burnt. Yes, I will recover. Yes, the triathlon training is already resumed.

This week's focus is on getting caught up with work, traithlon-related mental imagery, nutrition refinement and swim technique. I feel good. I feel like I could be fast at Bartlett. I hope so.

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