Monday, September 5, 2011

3000 meter swim + 31 mile cycle brick

Yes! Finally. A truly great workout. Sure, there have been other good workouts but this one is top five for sure. Why?

1)   3000 meters is my farthest swim in my life. I may have been able to go another half mile.
2)   Doing 31 miles on the bike afterward - and having it feel good is a confidence builder.

All this training ... and appropriate rest is paying off. Plus, I think my weightlifting surge in the last couple of weeks is paying off.

I am hoping for a solid week of training. I am going to focus on the bike this week. I will probably ride every morning.

I am planning a long run this week too. Maybe a half-marathon distance on Wednesday. On Thursday I will probably run a zone 3 5K at race pace. Those two runs should prep me for the triathlon in Prescott on Sunday.

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