Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday and Thursday workouts

So the swimming instruction from Wednesday was good. All drills! Only 200yds of regular swimming followed by many many yards of awkward drills that force me to learn where my head goes in relation to the rest of me while "gliding" through the water. I need this work in order to build the ability to do endurance swimming. Ahhh the joys of being negatively bouyant!

This morning I woke the roosters at 4:20. I did a nine mile run in a little over an hour. Not a bad pace considering I purposely went slow. We had a huge rain storm again last night so the humidity and temperature were much more bearable.


Thursday night, we went to the new "secret" gym and lifted weights, ran and swam. It is such a nice gym. I almost got 11 miles of running in for the day. The swimming is improving each time I get in the water. I really worked on my positioning in the water. By the end of the swim my quads were screaming from all the use for the day.

--End update--

Sidebar. I saw many people out doing their normal routines. I am starting to recognize people as "regulars" on my training routes. This morning I saw two dudes wearing sandals while riding their road bikes. One of these dudes did have on a brain bucket. The other one topped the cake though. He had a nice Felt-brand bicycle ... so I am sure he knows a little about cycling based on his brand choice. No helmet, no water bottles, sandals and the iPod + speaker combo playing at full volume - with more distortion than music. I could hear his music over 1/4 mile away. He struck out on 56th street north like he had somewhere to be. I am at mile 5 or so by the time I see him so I am getting a little road-coma going, but I do remember thinking "Man, you had enough time to rig the iPod and the mini-loudspeaker to your bike but didn't have time to gear up properly before hitting the road?"  What's the point? Who cares Bryan? Besides, it's none of your business. Right? Wrong. Please be equipped when you go out and train. Don't make it other people's job to scrape your lifeless body off the road just because you thought the proper gear was "uncool."

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