Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thunderstorms in the valley - training milestone reached

Yes! As another week of training disappears in the rear view I get to feel both lucky and accomplished. Carrie and I worked hard this week at work and still got in all our training sessions.

This week brought some special guests to Phoenix all the way from Western KY. My cousins Ron, Heather & Hadley Davis came in to visit the valley. We had dinner with them at the Havana Cafe on Friday night. During dinner we talked trash about our long bike ride on Saturday.

The monsoons had another plan. We were going to get up Saturday morning at 3:30am and ride a long loop and then go swim at Bartlett Lake. At 3am it began to thunder. I think it must have rained until about 6:30am. By the time it stopped raining it was already too hot and muggy to BEGIN a ride.

So we went to the gym and hopped on the treadmill. Then we lifted some weights. Then we went hiking with Baron ... but that was too hot. We went out for a massage afterwards because we had a coupon.

Here's the milestone. We went out for a 35 mile ride Sunday morning. We were both "less than enthused" in the beginning, but as time passed our speed and endurance improved. We came back to the house, refueled, did an hour of Yoga, took a nap and then headed out to Bartlett Lake. I wanted to swim 1000 meters. I ended up swimming 1400 meters ... and Carrie swam about 2000. I am getting more and more confident in the open water and with swimming in general. I am ready to get back to racing again.  September 3rd - the reverse sprint triathlon in Anthem. Can't wait!

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