Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Three-a-days. Really?

Yeah. I am experimenting again. I am breaking up the training sessions even further. This is in response to my decreasing amount of "free" time and my increasing amount of workload and training.

At 4:30 this morning it was 95 degrees with about 40% humidity. I rode 20 miles. I latched on to another rider at about the 10 mile mark and together we averaged about 20mph ... all slightly uphill. It was good.

Post ride and during my transition to the run my stomach revolted after a Gel pack ... which I now know not to take on an empty stomach. A better phenomenon to know now rather than later.

Lunch time. I am headed to the gym. This seems to be a new pattern for me that I enjoy. It breaks up the work day. I lifted weights and found out that I am sore from yesterday's weight training. Then I ran 3.2 at about a 9mph pace. I loathe the treadmill ... but not as much as 115 degree heat.

After some additional cubicle loitering I will be headed off to my weekly swim lesson. I hope my swim sessions since the last lesson have not corrupted my already poor form. We'll see.

Three training sessions. One day. Lots of extra laundry.

I want to say hi to our friend Sarah Hayes. She SAYS she is reading the blog. We'll see if she notices this paragraph. Thanks for keeping us up so late. It helped my sleep. Fo real.


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