Sunday, August 7, 2011

Taking the good with the BAD

So Carrie, Scott and I took off on our bikes from the casa at around 5:45am on Saturday. The temperature was nice and we were all ready to ride. Scott is a friend of ours from the triathlon course at Glendale Community College. He and I are forming a bit of a friendly time rivalry ... even though he's 10 years older than me. Either he's really fast or I am really slow.

We all felt really good up through about mile 40 ... which was Scott's farthest bike ride EVER. He started fading a bit. We finished up with a little over 55 miles for the morning and had a GREAT pace. Carrie and I were riding our aero bars for the first time ever and we love them. It's almost like lying down and riding. So relaxing.

Then we came home and went to the grocery and grabbed some grub.  After a nap, I ran 6 miles and then we decided to hit the gym and pool.

The POOL was awful for me because I forgot to eat after the run.... dumb! I was not only starved I was dehydrated. Take my advice ... don't show up to the pool in this condition. It is frustrating. I swam maybe 400 belabored yards before I resorted to doing the superman drill and just working on my head position. Then I retired to the sauna while Carrie swam what seemed like a billion additional laps. She did great.

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