Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday afternoon workout - not too bad - considering...

So we hit the gym on Sunday afternoon. We are both tired of the heat, so we did the entire workout indoors! We lifted weights for nearly an hour. It was a good workout. One of the better workouts I have had in a while with the weights.

After refilling our water bottles we hopped on the treadmill. Carrie ran a little over two miles which is good considering we are still rehabing her feet and knees. I ran uphill with a 3.5 % incline at about 7.5 mph. That felt nice.

Then it was time for the pool ... and I think the whole gym populous thought the same thing. It was a standing-room-only scenario. We swam for about 30 minutes before we decided to give up our lane to one of the dog-paddlers waiting their turn.

Since last Tuesday, I have been battling some crazy annoying lower back pain. I saw the chiropractor on Friday and he helped me tremendously. Saturday I rode the 60 miles without pain. The Sunday afternoon workout was relatively pain free ... but Sunday night got ugly again. I had to break out the heating pad.  As of Monday morning, it feels like things are returning to normal. I suspect I did get a little inflammation / infection from the wisdom tooth surgery which is the culprit for my ailments this week.

Week four turned out nicely for me considering I was facing some back issues. I trained a total of 14.75 hours for the week and I did take Friday off completely. That's 2.45 hours per day for those of you keeping score. It is becoming a part-time job. I like it more than my other 3 jobs though.

We went to the "graduation" party for our triathlon course at GCC. It was on Sunday afternoon at Carlos O'Brien's restaurant. We won two more gift cards to some of our favorite gear stores.

Onward and upward. I have three straight weeks of "build" phase coming up. There are NO days off built in to this program during those three weeks.

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