Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Need to amp up Killer Tuesday?

So I am in week four of the fourteen week "half ironman training program". Something is changing because "Killer Tuesday" used to be much more killer and back then it had much less work involved. In Week 5, the training in the program does get more intense by design.

So the CareBear and I managed to swim about 700yds of drills last night even after an hour of weights and an intense hour on the spin bike. We tried a new pool on the west side of town ... so shhhhh don't tell anyone that we swam without much impediment of others! Plus, this new pool is "faster" than the other pool we've been swimming in ... thus making it a much more pleasing endeavor.

I could not get enough food last night ... I think I fell asleep with a protein bar hanging out of my mouth.

My swim coach talked me off the ledge a bit yesterday. I was frustrated after a POOR showing at the training pool on Sunday. That's what coaches are for, right? Counseling. Right?

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