Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Much better thank you

Finally I am getting a break from the sinus pain. The sore throat is gone and the sneezing is minimized. I kept training ... but it was mildly annoying at times.

I did simulate the sprint yesterday. I did the simulation at the gym because it was too hot to do outdoors. It's pretty cool to be able to go to the gym and do a sprint triathlon during my lunch break. I did the simulation in 1:08 ... with a pretty lax set of transitions. How awkward would it be for me to sprint from the treadmill to the stationary bike and then run down the steps and hop in the pool? I was casual about it. The point is I will be fast on Saturday. I have no nagging muscle soreness. My sinus problems will be gone by then. My run is getting faster and faster - and I actually feel improvement in my swim. I am targeting a 1:07 for the sprint. We'll see if that flies.

To cap off the day we lifted weights and did one hour of spin class. Spin is a great way to simulate a race situation too. I was using some visualizations during the session to try and help me focus on cadence and consistency.

I cannot wait to get to the longer distance races. I want to see what I can do. Those of you that know me ... know that speed is not necessarily my bag. I mean I am fast on the bike and run ... but not the fastest. I do feel like that over a long distance I can maintain my speed in both which should decrease my overall time by quite a lot. We'll see soon enough. I am impatient.

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