Monday, August 29, 2011

Mondays aren't so bad

I am still having some sinus issues. I am recovering though. Today was a good day. I had a productive day all the way around. I finished some chores, graded some papers, wrote some lingering code that had been puzzling me and worked out twice.

I lifted at lunch. That's my new thing. I like the gym at lunch.

Then we went back to the gym tonight. We lifted weights and swam about 1000 meters. Not only did the lifting go well but the swimming was fantastic. I drilled quite a bit and worked on my timing and rotation. I did some sprints too. We have a sprint triathlon on Saturday so I want to simulate some race conditions.

Will I get a break from the heat in the morning? I am going to simulate the sprint. It's actually a reverse sprint ... so the 5K run is first, followed by the 20K bike ... then the 400m swim.

Call me crazy ... but I like simulating the competition situation ... especially since it has been over a month since the last sprint race.

More later...

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