Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Killer (insert day of week here)

So my training partners whipped me into shape last night. Carrie was all "ready to go" for the bike ... even though it was 1 Billion Degrees outside. So we biked a little over 30 miles even after work. Our lighting on our bikes need some work, but other than that it was a good time.

We hopped off the bike and ran about 2.5 miles. Baron the dog went with us and was fired up! Carrie said "It's much cooler on the bike than on the run." Yes, honey it is. After a few weeks of brick workouts, I knew this fact. The brick kicked her booty, but she would never admit it. She did well.

Today is Tuesday. There are more brick workouts on tap. The famed "triple-brick" happens tonight. Weightlifting, spinning and swimming. This generally makes for a tired Wednesday ... but there's more on tap for Wednesday. Cycling tomorrow morning and swimming tomorrow evening.

No rest for the triathlete.

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