Friday, August 26, 2011

Bricky McHotHouse

It is Friday. August is almost over. I am now 38 yrs and 3 days old. Life is pretty darn good.

Why does it have to be so hot in Phoenix? Wait. I should be more specific. Why, at four stinking o'clock in the morning does it have to be so blasted hot? I know it is the desert. I know the city creates a "heat island". 95 degrees and high humidity is just ridiculous. I cannot wait until the fall. Hold on. One more thing that is annoying. If it is going to be this hot why does it also have to be dark until nearly 6:00am. Why can't these variables move together in space? To me it would make more sense that the hottest days of the year are also the longest. The universe is a strange place. I digress.

I did a decent job with the brick workout this morning. 20 something miles on the bike in 50 minutes immediatedly followed by a 5 mile run with Baron the dog. I will probably go to the gym at lunch again today.

What is it with impromptu meetings at work on Friday afternoon? Geez.

Until next time -


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