Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Battling Low Back Pain - Resuming Yoga Phase

Treatment. Check.
Rest. Check.
Fluids. Check.
New mattress. Check.
Persistent back pain. Check.

While it is not debilitating, it is frustrating. I actually think my new aero bars are tightening my hip flexors and thus my back is being pulled out of whack.

I am taking action. I am using ibuprofen... even though I do not like to use it. I am using a heating pad at night. I have backed off running and biking for part of the week this week. I am reinstating my Yoga practice. I am working my abs more frequently. I am continuing to swim.

It will be fine. I am going to stay positive and maybe stay out of the aero bars a little while until I get some more core strength. Admittedly I love the aero position on the bike and I was probably riding there too frequently being that it was brand new.

I have to pack for a trip to KY for my birthday / 20 year high school reunion. It will be nice to see everyone.

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