Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to normal ... or as normal as expected

So two weeks after the wisdom teeth extraction I think I am mostly back to normal. Getting older is interesting in regards to recovery. The good news is that I trained smart while my body recovered and now I can hit it hard again.

I am still fighting with finding the exact nutrition I need. I added some things back in this week (brown rice, fruit, a few beans). I ate much more veggies and chicken. I also resumed eating bacon. Bacon is awesome. Prior to swimming sessions, my nutritional needs are different than for the bike and run. I need carbs and sugar prior to the swim. I need protein mixed with some sugars on the bike and just water and sports drinks on the run. I have to admit it is a little fun to experiment with different things.

Wednesday's swim lessons went much better than last week's. I guess practice does make for improvement. This morning I rode 32 miles in about 1hr. 40 min. It was humid but the sun was behind the clouds, so it wasn't too bad. Tonight I have a 10K run with Team Triple Sports. If time allows, I will likely swim some afterwards too.

Baron had his teeth cleaned at the vet yesterday. He is funny when he is doped up. He's back to normal this morning though.

I am also learning a new tool at work called myCampus which is an off-the-shelf campus management platform that is Java-based. It uses lots of jQuery and Velocity templates and structures to manage content for colleges all over the country. It never hurts to add new tools to the tool belt. I just hope I don't fall asleep today since I got up at 3:30 to ride.

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