Sunday, July 17, 2011

Triath what?

So in the previous blog I introduced my recent history and relevant information. I also mentioned I was searching for something.

Years ago I saw my first Ironman coverage on the ABC Wide World of Sports. I believe it was the coverage of Ironman Kona. You know, back when sports were more relevant and exciting (no offense A-Rod). Very few things held my interest like this did. I was probably 10 years old. I could identify with these guys on their bikes because my friends and I rode BMX bikes EVERYWHERE we went. I was not good at the jumps and tricks like my friends - but I was the fastest and could ride longer distances than all of them. When I heard that the cyclists in the Ironman were riding 112 miles I was SHOCKED. I had to ask dad how far that was. He explained to me that it was like driving to Paducah and back home TWO TIMES!

I did not see another Ironman on TV until about 1994. At that time Carrie and I were dating and we watched the coverage almost from start to finish. We were both amazed.

Over the years we had threatened to learn how to do triathlons. We bought our first road bikes in Houston in 2000. I remember that we "upgraded" to the STI shifters rather than the downtube shifters. We also added triathlon bars (aka aerobars). The bikes were low-end Diamondback brand bikes. We rode them about 100 miles total and decided it was not for us.

Once again in 2004 ... we threatened to do the triathlon course offered at Glendale Community College in Arizona. At the last second we chickened out. I changed for the better in 2004. I finally lost about 20 pounds and have kept that 20 off ever since. I also learned that life was NOT about things but rather fun, love and relationships that add value to your existence. I was still a 180 pound guy trapped in a 220 pound guy's body.

In 2005, life got all scrambled up. Change is good but is sometimes hard to translate into the next move.

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