Monday, July 25, 2011

That just happened.

As July comes to a close I can look back at it and say ... "Wow". If you had told me last July that I would be a triathlete and also be 30 pounds lighter I probably would have laughed at you. On the inside I would have been misty-eyed because I wanted it.

The honest truth is I am probably in the best shape of my life at 37. Why did I wait this long? The most exciting part is that I have SO MUCH ROOM TO IMPROVE.

Three triathlons in a month. Sprint or not, that is aggressive considering all the training in between each event. I forced a day off for today because it has been well over a week since our last day off from exercise.

Solana Beach was so much fun. The triathlons we had done up until yesterday had between 75 and 400 racers. The Solana Beach triathlon had 1647 racers. There were 100 + dudes just in my age group. I went faster than my goal time. I wanted a 1:05. I bagged a 1:04:39. I was better than normal in the water ... fast on the transition to the bike ... I think I was really fast on the bike ... my feet were tender on the run, so I backed off and played it safe there. I knew I was not in contention for a medal AND I have a ton of training to do for the craziness that ensues in October. (Olympic Tri at the beginning of the month and Half Ironman at the end of the Month).


UPDATE (7/26):

Splits were:


Swim 0:13:18
Bike 0:30:42
Run  0:20:39


Swim 0:16:16
Bike 0:33:27
Run  0:30:52


I have to really work on my nutrition between races. I have to figure out how to feed the fire properly without taking steps back. Next scale stop ... 180 lbs. I will be satisfied there. Nine more pounds. It will feel much better on my knees at that weight.

I also have to adjust my paces a bit. The half ironman is not a sprint ... I don't care who you are. Gone are the days of sprinting out the run and bike. I need to learn to be consistent and strong without going full-bore. That is tough for a type A personality.

I cannot wait for tomorrow. The insane training resumes.

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