Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ocean swimming -

Greetings from Solana Beach near San Diego.

So we swam 800meters yesterday afternoon - at high tide. The buoancy brought on by the salt water and the wet suit are making the swimming very pleasurable.

Last night we had dinner on the beach with Mark, Tony (triathlon instructors), Barb and Tammy. We turned in early because the last week of training was intense.

Today we swam 1000 meters. It turns out that we were swimming right up the middle of a rip tide (not the show from the 80s). Rip tide happens as the water furiously returns to the ocean via the deepest place along the local shore. The lifeguards went out to get Mark and Tammy because Tammy was struggling to get back to shore. I noticed it was tougher coming in but I attributed it to fatigue.

We soaked up a few rays in the 80 degree weather ... and then drove up the coast to Carlsbad, CA for lunch. Sidebar: There's too much traffic for my liking here along the coast. I do see the draw to the weather and the scenery.

We came back to the hotel, lifted weights and sorted our tri bags because tomorrow is race day.

Solana Beach Triathlon - 2000 racers

400m ocean swim
10 mile bike
3.1 mile run ... all as fast as you can go.

More later ...

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